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Zebra Pro Series Mat

Our Pro Series Mat is 2m x 1m in size and is available in both a smooth and textured finish.

It is also available in thicknesses of 40mm and 50mm to provide premium protection for athletes across a wide-range of disciplines.

We recommend the Smooth Series for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling focused gyms and the Textured Series for MMA and striking arts due to the extra grip given underfoot.
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Available in a Smooth and Textured finish to provide the ideal environment for your training needs.
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The centre of every Pro Series Mat is made from 100% recycled multi-density open-cell foam.
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Wrapped in internationally certified phthalate-free closed-cell vinyl to improve hygiene and help prevent the growth of microorganisms.
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Hand-finished to ensure a moisture-proof seam.
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Help to reduce noise and act as an insulator to aid in reducing energy bills in larger facilities.
Our range of standard colours can be seen below:
Custom printing options and other colours are also available.

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